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Data Engineering & AI/ML Solutions

Empowering Intelligent Solutions for a Smarter Future

Empowering your business with future-proof technology solutions.

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What AI Development Services do We Offer?

Generative AI

Our team of experts has extensive experience in developing Generative AI solutions with advanced capabilities such as GPT 4, GPT 3, GPT 3.5, Midjourney, and DALL-E.


Our AI services also include AI chatbot development that can be integrated seamlessly across multiple platforms, websites, and apps.

AI Product Development

Our custom AI and machine learning development services drive innovation and improve operational efficiency while ensuring scalability and reliability.

Recommendation Engines

From improved customer satisfaction and retention to increasing the overall revenue stream by offering accurate recommendations for conversions, we can help streamline your business processes like never before.

AI/ML Services Overview

Empowering Intelligent Solutions for a Smarter Future

Modernizing legacy applications is vital for an enterprise to stay relevant in a dynamic marketplace, and gain competitive edge. The modernization process should be hassle-free, without any interruptions to ongoing operations. VAST leverages its strong domain experience and expertise in technologies such as Cloud, Application Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Test Automation, and UI-UX to help modernize your products.

Our Insights on Modernization


At VAST, we harness cutting-edge AI/ML technologies and methodologies to transform extensive datasets into actionable insights, driving value creation. With deep expertise in software engineering, business operations, and data analytics, we empower your business through AI/ML services, guiding you to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning for meaningful, impactful connections.


Process Automation

Assessing Automate and optimize workflows using AI-driven solutions, reducing manual tasks and increasing efficiency. Our data engineering expertise ensures reliable data pipelines for seamless automation and analysis., timelines, impacts, and scope to align technology with business goals.

Data Science

Dive deep into your data with our analytics services. From descriptive and prescriptive analytics to comprehensive data exploration, we provide insights that inform business strategies and drive growth.

IT & Data Infrastructure

Build a robust foundation for your AI and ML projects with our IT infrastructure and data management services. Our MLOps frameworks ensure smooth deployment, monitoring, and management of machine learning models.

AI/ML Development

Develop custom AI solutions tailored to your business needs. From model selection and building to evaluation and boosting, our team delivers cutting-edge AI applications designed to scale and perform.

How CanAI/ML ServicesTransformYour Business?

Computer Vision

To automate tasks and gain deeper insights from visual data.

Recommendation Engines

To personalize experiences and boost customer engagement.

Data Visualization

To make complex data clear and actionable through dashboards.

Natural Language Processing

To unlock the power of text data for better automation and understanding.

Time Series Modeling

To predict trends and make data-driven decisions.

Product Analytics

To understand customer behavior and optimize your offerings.

Prescriptive/Descriptive Analytics

To get insights into what's happening and what to do next.

Smart AI Assistants and Chatbots

To automate tasks and improve customer service.

Information Retrieval

To find the information you need quickly and efficiently.

VAST Insights on AI/ML

White Paper

Explore our white papers and discover the latest advancements in data engineering and AI/ML solutions. 

Case Study

Dive into real-world examples of successful AI/ML implementations in our case studies. 

Tech Stack

Tools & Technologies

VAST's AI/ML Expertise in Action

AI E-commerce

Got It!

Snap & Shop:

This AI-powered app lets users take a picture of any item and instantly find purchase options from various vendors and online platforms.



AI for HR:

This SaaS application helps HR agencies leverage the power of AI for tasks like resume summarization and classification, streamlining the recruitment process.

EPC Solutions

Sterling & Wilson

Real-time insights:

The IAQURE app analyzes data from devices installed by Sterling Wilson, providing health monitoring and alerts for predictive maintenance in the infrastructure and energy sector.

Knowledge Management


Enterprise Search Revolution: Aspenify uses large language models (LLMs) and vector databases to revolutionize information retrieval for businesses, making knowledge readily accessible.

Ready to unlock the power of AI and ML for your business?

Reach out to VAST now and start transforming data into actionable insights and innovative solutions!

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