We believe in uniting
our local businesses with our community.


Xirify offers local business owners a toolkit to launch an online store without any hassle.


We envision increasing the success rate of small businesses and nonprofits.


Xirify aggregates local products or service providers into one place, making them easily accessible and searchable by shoppers.

Empower small and medium-sized businesses to be able to leverage the modern tools technologies that enable online selling, with ease and at low cost. At the same time, maintaining the advantages of selling to local customers, multiplying customer acquisition and retention. We want to bring consumers the magic of supporting local entrepreneurs with the convenience of online shopping.

For Shoppers

Convenience and safety are the reasons why we created Xirify for you. Shop online or book a service anytime, anywhere with the businesses you deal with regularly. You can visit numerous local stores, without leaving your home. You can make payments via electronic transactions and the purchased products can be picked up or are delivered directly to your door.

For Businesses

Xirify helps your business to grow without any technical overhead, heavy investment or time constraints; you capture new audiences that you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. Xirify enables you to set up your business online, you can drive conversions & sales and experience a new level of growth.
The dashboard helps you track your recievables and revenue. Analytics also helps you fine-tune your marketing strategies so that you’re reaching the right audience.

How to Use?

Xirify Shopping App