Convenience stands on top of the list and the reason why we created Xirify for you. Shop online or book a service anytime, anywhere. You can visit numerous stores, without leaving your home. You can make payments via electronic transactions, and the purchased products are delivered directly to your door.

Set Location
In order to explore nearby business
you will need to provide your location
and address.
Home Page
Explore different category/sub-category
of business, check your pending payments
and view your favorite business.
Vendor List
Explore all the business nearby
your location. Check available offers,
discounts and users feedback.
Seller Microsite
Xirify aggregates local products
or service providers into one place,
making them easily accessible
and searchable by shoppers.
Add Service
While adding services to your
cart you can provide more details
to the vendor so that vendor can
provide you better service or quote.
Quick Request
Create a quick request and
add description in it. This will allow
consumer to order things outside
the vendors service card.
Track Active Requests
Consumer can track their active orders.
Request Details
View request specific details.
View request history, messages
and other request related details.
Order Details
View order specific details.
View order history, messages and
other order related details.
Make Payment
Choose your payment method.