Xirify helps your business to grow without any technical overhead, heavy investment or time constraints; you capture new audiences that you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. Xirify enables you to set up your business online, you can drive conversions & sales and experience a new level of growth. The dashboard helps you track your recievables and revenue. Analytics also helps you fine-tune your marketing strategies so that you’re reaching the right audience.

Verify Business
Business owner will add
business details which will be
verified later in the process.
Setup Shop Online
Support for all local businesses.
Increase your business reach.
Customize Offers and Discounts
As a business you can customize
your offers and discounts.
You can also define type of offer.
Consumer Specific Details
Track orders by your consumer.
Ease of tracking payment and order
details by consumer.
Manage Multiple Business
One account for
multiple businesses.
Business Dashboard
Upfront revenue information.
Easy to track unpaid orders.
Payment reminders.
Track Active Orders
Vendor can track their orders.
View order specific details.
Track Pending Payment
Track your orders which
has not received any payment yet.
Easy Cancellations
Cancel your orders anytime.
Connect With Consumers
Get in touch with your consumers
when ever required. View their
orders or payment history.