Charity Choice

Charity Choice is a social venture platform that connects volunteers with various individuals and corporates together referred to as Clients, provides the required services to the client, and gets paid in the form of donations to charities and social organizations of their choice.

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Volunteer's Space
The volunteer can do various things like
1. Volunteer can search for exciting opportunities posted.
2. Volunteers can manage their skills
3. Volunteers can manage the requests.
Client's Space
This is a client or donor's space. Donor will be able to find volunteers based on skills and location. Also donor can view active requests he/she has initiated.
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Search Opportunity
This screen let user search for opportunity. i.e. work to be done or search for volunteers based on skills and location. User can do this without signing up in the platform.
Search Volunteers
This screen allows Charity organizations to search for volunteers based on skills and location.
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Volunteers Profile
After user sign-ups with a role as Volunteer, he/she will fill out a profile mentioning personal information, skills, etc.
Volunteer's Preferences
This screen is part of the profile information. This asks user working preferences like work days, work time, flexibility, etc.
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Organization Details
This screen lets the client provide information about his organization. The donor/client can describe an organization, sector, approximate income, etc.
Post Work Request
This screen let user post a work request. This will also let client mention the list of charity organizations. The income from the work done will go towards the selected charities as per specified percentage.
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