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VAST is a technology services company specialized in product lifecycle management, product/application modernization and digital transformation.

For startups and large enterprises, we leverage our expertise in emerging and open source technologies to deliver innovative solutions driving digital transformation initiatives for our customers, from VAST's offshore development center in Pune, India.

VAST services encompass conceptualization and ideation, prototyping, building scalable architecture and minimum viable product to product launch.
VAST frameworks and components built with several years of experience, reduce the delivery cycle time, allow our customers to launch products expeditiously and reduce time to market.

Rapid MVP

Turning ideas to a minimum viable product in less than 60 Days

Rapid MVP helps start-ups turning their ideas into reality with the minimum viable features. Rapid MVP is VAST’s in-house product development process which delivers not just the prototype but the working application itself in less than 60 days.

The process includes brainstorming the idea, wireframes preparation, designing an engaging user interface, selecting right frameworks (MEAN & MERN, React Native, Flutter) and technologies (AI/ML, Microservices).

Our experience in developing multiple products helps to launch working MVP in DEMO environment onto a cloud platform within 60 days.

Product / Application Engineering

End-to-end product designing, development and modernisation services

We provide services and solutions across the entire product engineering spectrum - right from consulting to designing the user interface, from developing to testing and deploying the product on public or private cloud environments.

With our focused agile product development approach, we have the capability to handle the entire product development and engineering lifecycle from conceptualization to deployment covering the full span of product development solutions. We deliver custom agile product development solutions across industry domains, leveraging web, mobile and cloud technologies. Expertise in diverse domains namely Finance, Real Estate, Retail & Cloud Commerce, AU and Indian markets.

Complete ownership of end-to-end delivery through FP (fixed price), T&M (Time & Material) and Staff Augmentation models.


VAST DevOps – Shorten Releases, Improved Reliability and Reduced Cost

VAST believes DevOps as a culture/environment where there is an agile relationship between operations and development team. Thereby, setting up better and frictionless collaboration and communication amongst the two business units to rapidly deliver effective, reliable and quality solutions.

We are well-versed with various cloud technologies and automation tools / techniques. While we follow Agile development methodologies and run sprints, typically, of 2-3 weeks, we implement CI (Continuous Integration) from day one using automated build processes. This is absolutely essential for executing CD (Continuous Delivery).


Design Technology Principles
• Usability
• Re-usability
• Maintainability
• Integrity
• Interoperability
• Flexibility
• Testing Ease
• Efficiency
• Decoupling
• Cohesiveness
• Correctness
• Process Oriented
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Product Engineering (PLM)

We at VAST, understand how to apply agile development methodologies for outsourced product development to get the product idea from concept to market. Having worked with multiple product development companies, VAST is as an extended arm providing offshore product development services for end-to-end product delivery. Attention to detail, proactiveness, conducting strong domain research and tapping into unwritten user needs come naturally to our talented team of product developers.

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Product / Application Modernization

Modernizing legacy applications is vital for an enterprise to stay relevant in a dynamic marketplace, and gain competitive edge. The modernization process should be hassle-free, without any interruptions to ongoing operations. VAST leverages its strong domain experience and expertise in technologies such as Cloud, Application Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Test Automation, and UI-UX to help modernize your products. VAST has expertise and experience to ease this transition and make you market competitive, easy to meet future speedy requirements.

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Digital Transformation

The growing penetration of mobile devices, internet, and user awareness has led to the demand for better and enhanced digital experience from consumers. Giving a better digital experience to consumers is an ongoing challenge faced by all organizations. VAST collaborates in developing a digital business strategy that is aligned to your key business objectives and leverages cutting edge technologies to produce a significant competitive advantage. VAST helps you to create exceptional experiences using automation, analytics, and AI. Connect with our experts today to solve your digital transformation challenges.

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Cloud Migration

Cloud may be an inevitable part of the growth of any organization but moving data from traditional infrastructure to a cloud platform can be intimidating. Migrating to the cloud is a complex process, that must be customized to address the technical, functional and operational needs of the organization. A successful migration strategy should address short-term aims, like decreasing hosting costs, as well as longer-term goals like better alignment between IT and business objectives. Here are the three main cloud migration strategies businesses use to meet those goals. Lift-and-Shift, Technical Migration, Application Migration.

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Agile Consultancy

Agile is the mantra of today's software development. The kind of transparency and integrity it brings in the software development is unparalleled. Sometimes, people confuse themselves with iterative model & agile model of deliveries and we at VAST lay out the path for adopting appropriate practice for customer needs. VAST is equipped with the right tools, skills & experience and has mastered Agile practices over the last several years. VAST has a well-defined Agile process model, DevOps processes & team of Certified Scrum Masters ensuring that projects are truly following Agile principles.

VAST Agile Process
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Architecture Consultancy

At VAST, our experts have years of hands on experience in implementing different software architectures and design patterns. If you want to enhance your software product, then we have got the knowledge, experience and resources you need. We are accustomed to dealing with problems that no one else has any idea how to solve.

Our Capabilities:

Digital Business Transformation

• Due diligence of existing processes/ systems
• Solutioning & Business Service Design
• Digital & Business Process Optimization
• Automation Consulting

Architectural Consulting

• Strategy for Digital Transformation
• Architectural / Solutioning Consultation
• Smart Process for Smart Product Engineering
• Out of the Box Thinking (Futuristic)

Process Consulting (IT Functional Consulting)

• Agile Process & DevOps Transformation
• Delivery Process Consultation


Data Science

VAST offers Data Science Services leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to build higher value technical solutions for customers worldwide. We implement end-to-end Big Data solutions with Data Science technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning seamlessly baked into it.

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Big Data

The volume of data has grown dramatically with the advent of digital devices and technologies, while the cost of computing and storage has dropped, and algorithms have become readily available. With the right approach to Data Engineering, organizations can monetize and maximize the value of their data assets by creating a strong foundation of data and incorporate insights from data science into their daily business processes. However, organizations must confront some key issues if they want to truly exploit these opportunities and transform themselves into data and analytically driven organizations.

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Mobility or Mobile Computing is the set of IT technologies, products, services and operational strategies and processes that enable end-users to gain access to computation, information and related resources and capabilities while mobile. Mobile most commonly refers to access in motion and is therefore unrestricted to a given geographic location.

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At VAST we believe DevOps as a culture/environment where there is an agile relationship between operations and development team. Thereby, setting up better and frictionless collaboration and communication amongst the two business units to rapidly deliver effective, reliable and quality solutions.

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UI/UX Design

UX is the overall experience a user has with the product, and UI is the thing the user will interact with and see.

Designing applications and websites pose special challenges:
  • Facilitating intricate tasks and workflows,
  • Enabling users to comprehend and manage complex data
  • Accommodating a rich variety of user roles, needs, and processes.

But that worth it!
Because an effective design and implementation of applications can have profound, positive implications for productivity, efficiency, accuracy, and satisfaction.

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VAST UI/UX work and design process

Since we opened our doors in 2015, we’ve worked with many digital products to create better experiences. Working with leading product teams, we’ve formed a practical design experience that helps them be design-driven and create a measurable impact.